Music is often referred to as the most sublime of all the arts - the one that is most remote from the world of objects, but in other hand it is the most physical of them all: movement, resonance, gesture, rhythm, gravity, breath. Music is based on all these aspects of our physical existence. Admiration of the music encouraged us to create, with the help of the personalities of the music world, an emotional and mental connection of modern classical music and of classical music from past centuries. Swiss composers, musicians, ensembles and professors are collaborating on this festival to indulge in the infinity of music creation. The artists will perform in the following concert series; starting with a solo recital, the festival will end with an octet. Accordingly, an idea of infinity is also achieved numerically, from the soloist to the ensemble of eight musicians.



Historic Schmiedenhof, Zunftsaal.
The trusting atmosphere of the room offers a direct exchange between the audience and the
The GGG Basel was initiated in 1777 by Isaak Iselin. Isaac Iselin was a child of the Enlightenment.
"Enlightenment is man's exit from his self-inflicted immaturity, and immaturity is the inability to use one's mind without another."

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